why kdelibs?

Torsten Rahn torsten at kde.org
Sun Oct 31 14:21:59 GMT 2010

Hi Chani,

Am Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010 13:11:43 schrieb Chani:
> When I was at DevDays, I noticed that while people were very enthusiastic
> about Qt, I was getting a sort of "qt is all you need" vibe at times - a
> fine sentiment for promoting qt, but then, what about kdelibs?

About the DevDays you need to be a bit careful imho. It was a great and very 
professional industry fair. But it was also extremely well planned: The 
organizers of the DevDays have taken all kinds of measures to have a very 
focussed messaging: No matter where you looked there were basically just two 
topics promoted:

* MeeGo as the all-encompassing platform.
* Qt Quick as the recommended future-proof solution that should be used 

Personally I think that was a very much needed and very good step for Nokia in 
the current situation. Having a 100% clear messaging is essential for Nokia's 
and Qt's success.
But due to that there was barely any exposure for anything that would dilute 
this kind of focussed messaging (such as other technologies like Plasma, KDE, 
Marble etc.). And I expect that the same will be true for the MeeGo conference 
in Dublin: Nokia is trying hard to get everybody onto the very same train and 
into the same direction.

That's good for a start given that there are so many projects, people and 
companies suddenly being involved with Qt. 

But of course we have an interest in the KDE project to be able to get 
exposure for "our stuff". And I think it's feasible, since I expect that next 
year the whole situation will be different already: 

I think one great way to get exposure would be a small Qt OpenSource Park on 
the Qt DevDays 2011 which could give some Free Software projects (like KDE, 
Plasma, Marble, ... ) the ability to show off their stuff. We'd need to get in 
touch with the Qt Community Managers about this idea and we'd need to work 
seriously on it to make it happen.

Best Regards,


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