Issues with Solid from trunk and qtcreator 2.0.1...

Matt Williams lists at
Tue Oct 26 23:33:29 BST 2010

On 26 October 2010 23:20, Dawit A <adawit at> wrote:
> Does anyone have a problem opening project files (CTRL+O) in qtcreator
> 2.0.1 (Qt 4.7) with the current trunk version of kdelibs ?
> For me the minute I try to open a project, the screen flashes as if to
> paint the file dialog and then qtcreator completely freezes. Using gdb
> (backtrace) I see that the issue seems to occur when the file dialog
> attempts to find Places information through Solid. Solid in turn
> queries udisks (no hal on my system) through dbus to retrieve
> information about each of the several devices available on my machine
> and takes a very very very long time (many minutes) to do it. Any
> insight I can get into this would be helpful before I waste even more
> time to try and find out what could possibly be causing this issue for
> me...

I too see this. It takes several minutes to open a file dialog.
Strangely I've also noticed it in VLC (when using the Qt frontend
since it uses native KDE file dialogs) but I think it's been happening
there for a while. I don't notice the delay in any KDE applications.

Matt Williams

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