Issues with Solid from trunk and qtcreator 2.0.1...

Dawit A adawit at
Tue Oct 26 23:20:21 BST 2010

Does anyone have a problem opening project files (CTRL+O) in qtcreator
2.0.1 (Qt 4.7) with the current trunk version of kdelibs ?

For me the minute I try to open a project, the screen flashes as if to
paint the file dialog and then qtcreator completely freezes. Using gdb
(backtrace) I see that the issue seems to occur when the file dialog
attempts to find Places information through Solid. Solid in turn
queries udisks (no hal on my system) through dbus to retrieve
information about each of the several devices available on my machine
and takes a very very very long time (many minutes) to do it. Any
insight I can get into this would be helpful before I waste even more
time to try and find out what could possibly be causing this issue for

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