RFC: Creation of a new KDE SC module [kdeplugins]

Martin Gräßlin kde at martin-graesslin.com
Mon Oct 11 17:18:37 BST 2010

On Monday 11 October 2010 09:53:06 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Sunday, October 10, 2010, George Kiagiadakis wrote:
> > And why not just put the plugins in kdebase together with konqueror
> > and just make their directory optional with
> > macro_add_optional_subdirectory() in CMakeLists.txt? I don't see why
> at least in the case of something like plasma, this would result in a TON
> of plugins that are really not at all interesting in the scope of "basic
> desktop / netbook / etc. shell". i really don't want to see a "basic
> plasma desktop" end up including the bouncing ball (for example), and i
> fear that's exactly how it would end up if we just threw everything into
> kdebase. it allows us to have a place for more niche or less useful (but
> still interesting) plugins, as well as allow a slightly more relaxed
> maintenance / quality burdon for those addons (thereby lowering the
> barrier to entry there). all in all the separate module for "extra"
> plugins really works very well for us.
I second that. In KWin we have a similar situation that we have many effects 
shipped which just do not belong into a basic plasma desktop and we currently 
don't have a place to put new effects which do not fit the requirements. 
Kdelook and extragear are no option as the effect library is still unstable. 
So a separate module could help us. For decorations we "abused" kdeartwork 
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