Gregory Schlomoff gregory.schlomoff at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 02:47:59 BST 2010

> I think you should decide wether you want to include svg-support or not.
> If you'd like those 'trimmed-down' kdelibs to have svg support, then
> enable ksvgrenderer. If you want to disable-svg-support you should put
> kicondialog into a wince-section as well and remove the linking to QtSvg
> again.

Andreas, you're right, I made a mistake, it was absolutely not
necessary to link to QtSvg in KIO. I'm really sorry for having
commited this without checking out with you guys if it was appropriate
or not. Won't happen again.

So I will revert this change and commit again to put it back as it was before.

Is it all right?

Thanks for the heads up, and again, sorry for the inconvenience


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