Review Request: Fix for "The name org.kde.kwalletd was not provided by any .service files" errors about kwallet

Gökcen Eraslan gokcen at
Wed Nov 17 10:40:41 GMT 2010

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(Updated 2010-11-17 10:40:41.618315)

Review request for kdelibs.

Summary (updated)

In KWallet::Wallet class (of kdelibs/kdeui/util/kwallet.cpp), validity of some DBus replies from kwalletd are not checked. Since kwallet clients like kwalletmanager do not check the validity of replies, client behave weird sometimes. For example if I disable kwallet and open kwalletmanager, I see a wallet named "The name org.kde.kwalletd was not provided by any .service files". Also another weird thing is that wallet seems open. 

This patch add more validity checks to kwalletd dbus calls, to prevent weird behaviours of kwallet clients. This patch may also fix some bugs related to kwalletmanager or kwalletd.


  svn:// 1198078 



Tested with kwalletmanager of KDE 4.5.3, but patch is the same for trunk.





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