Issues with Solid from trunk and qtcreator 2.0.1...

Dawit A adawit at
Fri Nov 5 01:15:31 GMT 2010

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Kevin Ottens <ervin at> wrote:
> On Thursday 4 November 2010 18:58:09 Dawit A wrote:
>> BTW, I noticed a couple of things in UDisksManager that I want to ask
>> about... The first issue is why does a device that has its
>> "DeviceIsOpticalDisc" property set to true inserted into the
>> m_deviceCache 2x, once normally and once with ":media" attached to it
>> ? The second issue is why even bother with doing that in the first
>> place ? I mean check for that property in allDevices() ? Why could not
>> that check be done in slotDeviceAdded() ? That would save on the
>> unnecessary creation and querying of temporary UDisksDevice objects
>> for every single device that was enumerated, which ends up with
>> expensive dbus calls everytime ?
> You should really bring up this kind of questions on kde-hardware-devel.

Did not know there was a dedicated mailing list for that...

> Anyway, the idea is that we want the tree to have drives and then volumes as
> children under those drives. That's not the way UDisks behave, so we have to
> compensate there by inserting an extra "faked" device under the drive.

I see... Anyhow, I found out that you can use QDBUS_DEBUG=1 to get
verbose output from QtDBus and using that with QtCreator I see that
the freeze always happens on Introspect calls, e.g.

QDBusConnectionPrivate(0x1f9b8b0) sending message (blocking):
QDBusMessage(type=MethodCall, service="org.freedesktop.UDisks",
interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable", member="Introspect",
signature="", contents=() )

However, eventhough the same interospection calls are made when using
the solid-hardware command line tools, I cannot reproduce these
freezes with it. Oh well....

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