KDE Geolocation Services

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Thu Nov 4 16:09:23 GMT 2010

On Thursday, November 04, 2010 16:56:54 Kevin Krammer wrote:
>   On Thursday, 2010-11-04, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> > On Thursday, November 04, 2010 16:04:33 John Layt wrote:
> > > Which kind-of makes the whole GConf usage moot?
> >
> > No, it doesn't. If that stuff is still needed for actually using it,
> > we're still effectively depending on whateverlibgconfisin, and that, as
> > Aaron points out would be rather unfortunate.
> We don't get any additional dependency, nor do we have to track them.

A runtime dependency is still a dependency. I find the attitude of "as long as 
it's not a buildtime dependency" pretty short-sighted.

> It is a system service like NetworkManager, Samba, CUPS, etc. If people
> don't  want it, they don't install it.
> If they want to use a different implementation due to personal politcal
> agenda  against the other implementation's choice of technology, they are
> free to do so.

However you turn my words around, a geoclue that does not depend on gconf is 
preferable to a geoclue that does.

Realistically, distros will have to put geoclue as a dependency in order to 
make the geolocation API useful, and that will pull in libs that are 
duplicating what we already have in kdelibs -- clearly not desirable as it 
makes our software fatter without real gain. 

Apart from that, maybe the geoclue DBus API is not meant as "public API", in 
that case I'd recommend using the C library. In fact: whatever is likely to 
remain more stable should be used.

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