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Michael Leupold lemma at
Wed May 26 19:53:46 BST 2010

Dmitry Suzdalev wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 May 2010 04:13:12 Andriy Rysin wrote:
>> BTW we already have one component in global shortcuts with name "KDE
>> Daemon"...
> Yeah, and to add to this, we also have another one related to KWallet.
> Whenever some app tries to access KWallet for the first time during login
> (most often it's Choqok for me ;)), it pops up the message box which asks
> for password and has something like "Application *KDE Daemon* requested
> access to your wallet, please enter your password".
> That "*KDE Daemon*" looks not very nice from ordinary user POV imho :)
> But can anything be done here? Is the name of the app which requests
> wallet access known at this time?
> If not, maybe at least some more general name should be presented to the
> user.

The KWallet daemon displays whichever name the application calling it 
requests to be displayed. Inside the KWallet client library this name is 
retrieved from the component data.
Ideally the name should be retrieved from the actual module issuing the call 
but I haven't gotten around implementing it and probably won't in the near 
future. :-(


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