Request to move KMyMoney to extragear/office

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at
Wed May 26 19:43:05 BST 2010

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 3:36 PM, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at> wrote:
> A Diumenge, 23 de maig de 2010, Alvaro Soliverez va escriure:
>> Hello all,
>> This email is to officially request the approval to move from
>> playground to extragear.
>> When/if we get the preliminary approval, we'll move KMyMoney to
>> kdereview to start the formal review process.
>> KMyMoney has been in playground/office for the last year.
>> For those who don't know, the story of KMyMoney goes back as far as
>> 1999. It's been in Sourceforge since 2001 and we decided to move to
>> KDE SVN when we started the port to KDE4.
>> While in playground, we have already made 4 releases. We had a first
>> long cycle, 3 subsequent 6-week release cycle, which included a 2-week
>> string-freeze, coordinated with the kde-i18n-doc team.
>> As far as we know, the code is fully transtable, with 20+ translations
>> of the GUI strings and at least 3 translations of the documentation.
>> The documentation is an evolution of the KDE3 documentation. We are
>> reviewing it to make sure it is fully updated for the stable release.
>> We have developer documentation. Not only the regular API reference,
>> but also a developer's handbook. We'll probably migrate the latter to
>> Techbase to update it more easily.
>> Last time I was able to check EBN, there were about 60 warnings. We
>> regularly work on those to correct them or report it to EBN if it is a
>> false positive. When we started, we had 1600+ warnings, so I can say
>> we have done a great job at attacking warnings.
>> We have gone through 2 usability studies, both on the KDE3 version,
>> but feature-wise it is very similar. Both were conducted by Pallavi
>> Damera, and they are available at
>> We have solved some of the
>> issues highlighted in the studies, and we plan to do an overhaul of
>> certain areas to address most of the remaining ones.
>> One more important aspect is the health of the development team. Over
>> the time, several developers have come and gone, yet the flow of
>> development has remained steady and actually increased during recent
>> times. Myself, I'm relatively new to the team (joined in 2008), and I
>> have found a healthy community and a very helpful development team.
>> Since we started the port to KDE4, we have had several additions.
>> Also, by development team I mean not only actual developers, but also
>> documenters, designers, and testers.
>> For the future, we plan to release the KDE4 stable version in August,
>> at the same time as KDE SC 4.5. From then on, we plan to direct our
>> efforts to add new features, which have been delayed due to our work
>> on the port.
>> I think that's a good summary of KMyMoney's current development
>> health. Anything else, please feel free to ask.
> One question and a suggestion:
>  * I understand that libkdchart is a KDAB library, does exist a separate
> tarball of it? I would prefer a dependency to a tarball than embedding code.

Me too, but there is no separate release of libkdchart.
This point was raised in the KOffice mailing list not long ago and the
KDAB people have promised to make a stand-alone release, and at that
time we will drop our embedded branch. KOffice has the same problem,
btw, and they have an embedded copy too, which is the one we sync

>  * I see you have lots of one word i18n calls, with my l10n coordinator hat on
> i would like if you could add context (i18nc) to most of them since most of
> them are not really "unique", e.g. i18n("&Deposit"), is that an action or a
> name? or i18n("Shares"), is that a network share or a company share?

Yes, thanks for pointing that out.
I thought we had caught the majority of those with the Krazy checks,
but I'll run it locally and add the necessary context.



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