DocBook DTD's for KDE on Fedora? (was: DocBook XML & XSL: work in progess, new dependencies)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue May 11 19:51:45 BST 2010

A Dimarts, 11 de maig de 2010, Matthew Woehlke va escriure:
> Luigi Toscano wrote:
> > I'm currently working (with Albert) to remove the embedded copies of
> > DocBook XML and XSL ( from kdelibs/kdoctools.
> > This change (if accepted) will introduce two new dependencies (see
> > below). I plan to complete this task before SC 4.5 will be released, but
> > I won't be able to commit all the changes before the dependency freeze.
> > [snip]
> Has anyone on Fedora been able to build docs since this change?
> Fedora doesn't seem to provide any catalog.xml's in docbook-dtds. I have
> a /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.2-1.0-48.fc12/catalog, but it is not
> XML (and has RPM version embedded in the directory, eww...).
> I have all available docbook* packages installed except these (none of
> which seem relevant):
> docbook-simple
> docbook-slides
> docbook-utils-pdf
> docbook2X
> docbook5-schemas
> docbook5-style-xsl

winterz commited a fix for F12 and F13 in r1125486.


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