Shared OSD Service for KDE

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at
Mon May 10 12:08:17 BST 2010

10 May 2010 Pazartesi günü (saat 12:55:04) Colin Guthrie şunları yazmıştı:
> 'Twas brillig, and Ozan Çağlayan at 10/05/10 08:40 did gyre and gimble:

> I have several issues with the current kmix OSD so am happy to see this
> patch basically kick it into touch :)
> Would it be possible to display text on the OSD too? While I think it
> should be optional, it may be handy to display which device the volume
> is being adjusted for in the OSD (I've had reports of users accidentally
> adjusting their HDMI volume via the OSD and not working out that they
> are chainging the wrong volume - the text would solve that even if some
> may argue it makes it uglier. So it would be nice to have the option :D)

There's already a QString label parameter of the showOSD() method so yes it's 
possible but the patched KMix doesn't pass a label for now.

The OSD widget will definitely need some adjustments e.g. maybe a KCM 
configuration module for setting the position, transparency, width & height of 
the OSD as all these properties are supported.

Another approach would be to provide methods like showBrightnessOSD, 
showVolumeOSD which will decide the icon(audio-volume-muted, high, low, etc.) 
based on the percentage. This is currently calculated in KMix.

BTW, the KMix patch can be found at: 

Thanks for your comments ;)

Ozan Çağlayan
TUBITAK/UEKAE - Pardus Linux

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