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Andriy Rysin arysin at
Sun May 9 20:13:59 BST 2010

It's been two weeks and I've just pushed the last changes in kdereview I
wanted to make in. Now all the features that existed before in kxkb are
still supported in keyboard module plus the new improvements. So I am
planning to push the change on Monday.

I don't think I can move in svn and update the build files at the same time
so here are the steps I am planning to make:

1) remove kxkb from kcontrol/CMakeFiles.txt + delete kcontrol/keyboard and
2) move kdereview/keyboard2 to kcontrol/keyboard
3) update krunner/lock/ to point to new keyboard layout widget

There will be a compiling problem if checking out the revision between 1 and
2 but I'll do all steps fairly quickly so should not be a problem.

If there's better (transactional) way to do these things please let me know.
Also let me know if instead of deleting old keyboard and kxkb it's better to
move them to unsupported/.

Also I swear I edited the feature list before soft feature freeze to include
these changes but they did not make it in (I guess I could have pressed
review instead of submit) so after the svn push I'll add those features
marked as "Done".

After that only some minor improvements and potentially bug fixes are due.

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