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Tue May 4 04:26:50 BST 2010

2010/5/3 David Faure <faure at>

> On Monday 26 April 2010, Andriy Rysin wrote:
> > * Less cluttered layout configuration control (add layout is separate)
> That separate dialog is a bit hard to use IMHO, because all the interesting
> stuff is hidden in comboboxes. I don't think comboboxes
> are the best widget for very long lists. Flat lists with scrollbars are
> better
> for this, because they don't close on you at the first mis-click.
> Also, what I did was:
> - open the 3rd combo to choose a variant
> - then wonder what the 1st combo is about and select any language
>  -> my choice in the 3rd combo was lost; a bit annoying.
> Now I see that "language" is just a first step for reducing the choices
> in the other comboboxes, but this wasn't obvious at first sight.
> Not sure what to suggest though. Maybe the label "Language" should say
> (optional) or something.
I've pushed the fix that if combo value didn't change the subsequent combos
don't get reset.
Also changed the first combo title to "Filter selection by language:" not
perfect but the best that came to my mind so far, I am open to suggestions

Converting the combox to lists is a bit more work, plus if selection is done
by lists it may make sense to have checkboxes which express persistent
selection choice better than row selection (e.g. checkboxes don't fade out
when focus is lost etc), but in this case user might expect to be able to
add multiple layouts at once, but this is not easy to do with cascading

I'll take some time to think on this...

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