New dependency for kdelibs and kdebase: dbusmenu-qt

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On antradienis 04 Gegužė 2010 23:03:35 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 May 2010, you wrote:
> > 2010/5/4 Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at>:
> > > It really depends on what you as the maintainer of this package want.
> > > 
> > > No RPATH means that e.g. Qt has to be found either via the env. var
> > > LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or it is installed in a location which is searched
> > > anyway by the linker (loader), so e.g. /usr/lib or a directory
> > > configured in /etc/
> > 
> > At least in Debian the use of RPATH is discouraged, see
> > for the rationale. At least provide
> > a configurable option to turn off rpath if it is made the default.
> There is nothing to do, cmake itself provides a cache variable
> CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH, which is FALSE by default, but which you can set to TRUE
> via "make edit_cache", then no RPATHs will be in the installed binaries.

Just for the record, I had to patch out your too excessive RPATH handling in 
KDE 4.4 packages for Debian. If you think that CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON is an 
ultimate solution to the problem, you are mistaken. We have a perfectly valid 
use cases for RPATH/RUNPATH so skipping RPATH completely is not an option esp. 
if it is suggested to be done blindly. /usr/lib in RPATH is a bug for which 
Debian packages may get rejected before they even enter the archive.

However, I have already seen the light in the tunnel with such code in akonadi 

if("${_isSystemLibDir}" STREQUAL "-1")
endif("${_isSystemLibDir}" STREQUAL "-1")

I really hope that something like this has been implemented in the rest of KDE 
trunk as well (I have not checked). In such a case, I have really nothing to 
complain about. I would be grateful if you kept this in mind before suggesting 
setting CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH to LIB_INSTALL_DIR or equivalent unconditionally.

Modestas Vainius <modestas at>
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