New dependency for kdelibs and kdebase: dbusmenu-qt

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Tue May 4 21:03:35 BST 2010

On Tuesday 04 May 2010, you wrote:
> 2010/5/4 Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at>:
> > It really depends on what you as the maintainer of this package want.
> >
> > No RPATH means that e.g. Qt has to be found either via the env. var
> > LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or it is installed in a location which is searched
> > anyway by the linker (loader), so e.g. /usr/lib or a directory configured
> > in /etc/
> At least in Debian the use of RPATH is discouraged, see
> for the rationale. At least provide
> a configurable option to turn off rpath if it is made the default.

There is nothing to do, cmake itself provides a cache variable 
CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH, which is FALSE by default, but which you can set to TRUE 
via "make edit_cache", then no RPATHs will be in the installed binaries.


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