DocBook XML & XSL: work in progess, new dependencies

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sat May 1 15:24:37 BST 2010

I'm currently working (with Albert) to remove the embedded copies of DocBook 
XML and XSL ( from kdelibs/kdoctools. This change (if 
accepted) will introduce two new dependencies (see below).
I plan to complete this task before SC 4.5 will be released, but I won't be
able to commit all the changes before the dependency freeze.

The steps involved are:

0) Use only one version of DocBook XML:
   * convert the remaining docbook manuals which uses the old DTD
     (V4.1.2) to V4.2 (done);
   * regenerate the translated docbooks (in progress);
   * remove the obsolete/ directory, which is needed only for DTD v4.1.2,
     from kdoctools/customization (planned for next week).

1) Remove DocBook XML DTDs from kdoctools/docbook/ (xml-dtd-4.x) and
use the external ones. This step introduces a dependency on DocBook XML DTDs, 
which are packaged on many distributions:
ArchLinux: docbook-xml
Debian & Ubuntu: docbook-xml
Fedora: docbook-dtds
Gentoo: docbook-xml-dtd-4.2-r2
Mandriva: docbook-dtd42-xml
OpenSuse: docbook_4

Status: the code is almost working, I will probably submit a new cmake module
to kde-buildsystem for review.

2) Remove DocBooc XSL from kdocbook/docbook/xsl, move customizations to 
kdoctools/customizaton. This step will introduce a dependency on DocBook XSL, 
which are again packaged on many distributions.

Status: no code for this yet; this is the most complicated step, as the 
customizations that have been directly made to kdoctools/docbook/xsl/ must be 
properly identified and moved to the proper place.

Please consider that those changes should not touch the "core" kdelibs at
all; only the generation of docbook will be affected.

Any comments/remarks?


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