New dependency for kdelibs and kdebase: dbusmenu-qt

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sat May 1 09:31:46 BST 2010

On Thursday 29 April 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On April 29, 2010, Andriy Rysin wrote:
> > I am getting this when trying to compile latest kdebase, any way
> > around it?
> i assume you have re-run cmake in your build dir? sometimes i find i have
> to run cmake by hand again in these cases (and sometimes even remove
> CMakeCache.txt in the top level build dir), and that the automatic re-check
> triggered by a make in the build dir after a build change isn't enough on
> its own.

If you have such a case reproducable, let me know.
Having to rerun cmake manually sounds like a bug.

Instead of deleting CMakeCache.txt you can also start cmake-gui and delete 
just the variables which matter for the specific case.


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