[KDE Usability] Review Request: Add a confirmation window when emptying the trash

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 22:47:34 BST 2010

On 1 April 2010 00:40, David Faure <faure at kde.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 March 2010, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> > - Provide a 30 seconds Undo action (highly visible, passive). If the user
>> > wants to delete the file, it's just one action; but if it was accidental,
>> > she has a security net of 30 secs.
>> This looks like a good idea. Gmail has such an Undo function.
>> I wouldn't expect the Undo function on Move To Trash, but I would
>> expect it for Delete and for Empty Trash.
> Which makes no sense, sorry :-)

I'll try to make it make some sense:
Move To Trash: Has a safety net (items can be recovered from trash)
Delete: No safety net
Empty Trash: No safety net

> If your disk is full and you empty the trash, you certainly expect to get more
> disk space immediately... not after the 30 seconds undo, when the system can
> finally delete the files and make more space.

You assume that the use case in which the user is deleting due to low
disk space is the dominant use case. I argue that it is only one use
case, however I agree that it does need special handling in this

> Real deletion is -supposed- to delete immediately, otherwise assumptions are
> broken. This means no undo, but there's no other way.

Real _everything_ is supposed to happen immediately. Delete is not
special in this regard.

Dotan Cohen


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