Review Request: Add a confirmation window when emptying the trash

Tom Albers toma at
Tue Mar 30 20:22:29 BST 2010

Op Tuesday 30 March 2010 20:10 schreef u:
> So, what exactly is your point?

Again, I don't have any say in this and I would like the people who do have a say in this to take a descision in the end. But as you reqiested it explicitely...

The point is that the trash is the confirmation in fact. Normally on a destructive action we do a kdialog get the confirmation and then the destructive action is executed. 

For deleting files, we move it to the trash and then the user deletes it from the trash, which is similar to the confirmation on a distructive action. Giving these two actions a separate an additional warning dialog, makes people have to 4 actions to actually delete a file. Which is over-cautious in my opinion. 

The Don't ask this question again is great, but as with more things in life, the first impression counts heavily. I think KDE has way to many messageboxes for new users.


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