Support for nested groups in kconf_update

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Tue Mar 30 16:36:43 BST 2010


It all started with a simple need: I wanted to change the value of a key
with kconf_update... but this key was in a nested group, and
kconf_update does not know about nested groups.

kconf_update is a quite critical tool, but there are no tests for it, so
I started adding tests. I also made it more compliant with kdelibs
coding style. Then I implemented support for nested groups.

I choose not to use reviewboard because I think the consolidated patch
is a bit huge, therefore I attach both the consolidated patch and a
tarball of the 31 patches for review.

The code is still not as nice as it could be, in particular I think the
KonfUpdate class should be moved to its own file so that it can be
unit-tested without forking kconf_update itself. But at least now there
are unit-tests (and support for nested groups).

Can this go in?


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