About security at kde.org

Parker Coates parker.coates at kdemail.net
Sat Mar 20 21:46:57 GMT 2010

2010/3/20 Jeff Mitchell:
> On 3/20/2010 2:06 PM, Darío Andrés wrote:
>> 2010/3/20 Darío Andrés <andresbajotierra at gmail.com>:
>>> I'm probably not the right person to write this mail but someone
>>> should do it... (excuse me)
>>> Today we have a visit on IRC telling us about a security issue which
>>> this person reported to security at kde.org; and as he got no response
>>> the issue was published...
>>> We aren't sure who is in charge of that mailbox, but may be it should
>>> be reviewed (or the policy of sending security issues to
>>> security at kde.org).
>>> I have a copy of the IRC log mentioning the person who complained and
>>> the security issue webpage explaining the issue...
>>> Some person should take care of this issue... the questions is "who?"
>> Update: Nightrose told me that Jeff Mitchell has been taking care (or
>> checking) security at kde.org
>> For more information, the guy who appeared today on kde-devel
>> mentioning the issue had the "emgent" nickname
> Yep, I'm monitoring it, along with some others. I don't know if anyone
> is "officially" responsible. I've only been on it for a relatively short
> time so it may be an issue that was before my time.
> If someone could reply (not CCing kde-core-devel) and tell me what
> security problem they are talking about it would help quite a lot.

Just to he doesn't get a dozen private emails from others about it:

I just emailed Jeff the IRC log with the relevant information.


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