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Wed Mar 17 16:47:19 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 16:01:38 todd rme wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 4:47 AM, Michael Zanetti
> > As far as I understood the work done during Tokamak IV the Solid::Control
> > namespace in kdebase-workspace is planned to be changed to support
> > multiple backends and shall be moved to kdelibs (where the rest of the
> > solid stuff lives).
> > 
> > My short term future plans are to update the iface and the backend to the
> > new infrastructure and then, at a later point eventually* create an
> > AVRCP backend for it.
> > 
> Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the purpose of this?  Does it just
> handle identifying devices or is mapping button presses to commands
> also handled by this?

You can query the RemoteControlManager for available remotes on the system. 
Additionally you get signals when a remote control has been connected or 
removed (e.g. lircd has been started or a bluetooth remote connected).

After browsing the available remotes you can query each remote for its 
available buttons. Each RemoteControl provides a signal named 

RemoteControlButtons handle the transition between the backend representation 
of buttons and the KDE representation consisting of a unique ID for the 
button, its name and a translated human readable name for representing buttons 
in UIs in a unified and translated manner.

The purpose is to make using remote controls very simple and independent of 
the underlaying technique and operating system.

For example it would need just about 10 to 20 lines of code to make amarok 
fully remote control aware using this Solid interface.

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