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Hi Friedrich,

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 01:32:19 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:> 
> How is the integration with Solid done exactly? I see that there are no
> remote control devices yet part of the Solid layer in kdelibs*, instead
> classes like LircRemoteControl as part of Solid modules in
> kdebase/workspace**. Is there some description which, why and how the
> architecture has been done and what use cases you considered? What are the
> future plans, if any?
> *
> **
> apidocs/solid/html/hierarchy.html

Well, currently there is only the Solid::Control interface for remote 
controls. Toghether with Kevin we decided to put the RemoteControl framework 
into the Solid::Control namespace over half a year ago. The Interface sits in 
kdebase/workspace/libs/solid/control/ifaces now for a while and is in use by 
KDELirc already in the 4.4 cycle together with the LIRC backend in 

As far as I understood the work done during Tokamak IV the Solid::Control 
namespace in kdebase-workspace is planned to be changed to support multiple 
backends and shall be moved to kdelibs (where the rest of the solid stuff 

My short term future plans are to update the iface and the backend to the new 
infrastructure and then, at a later point eventually* create an AVRCP backend 
for it.

*I'd really like to do that but I hate making promises for stuff that I do 
solely in my spare time, given that my studies are about to end and I have no 
idea yet whats coming next.

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