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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Mar 17 00:32:19 GMT 2010

Hi Michael,

Vendredi, le 12 mars 2010, à 18:54, Michael Zanetti a écrit:
> Hi all,
> I have moved KRemoteControl to kdereview. It is a branch of kdelirc with
>  major changes in the framework and the UI and is meant to replace kdelirc
>  in kdeutils.
> Since lirc handling has moved to solid and we are now able to support
>  different types of remotes (theoretically, no other backends exist yet) we
>  thought the name KDELirc doesn't fit any more.
> We have also changed the standalone app irkick to a kded module featuring
>  an optional NotifierItem and a dataengine for a future remote control
>  plasmoid. There are already some beginnings for this plasmoid in
>  playground.
> If there are no objections I would move it to trunk/kdeutils after the two
> week review period.

Once I settled some private problems (both broken bike and computer, I feel so 
disabled) I will have a look, upcoming WE hopefully.

How is the integration with Solid done exactly? I see that there are no remote 
control devices yet part of the Solid layer in kdelibs*, instead classes like 
LircRemoteControl as part of Solid modules in kdebase/workspace**. Is there 
some description which, why and how the architecture has been done and what 
use cases you considered? What are the future plans, if any?


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