Re: synaptiks – KDE touchpad management

todd rme toddrme2178 at
Thu Mar 4 16:19:13 GMT 2010

2010/3/4 Roman Shtylman <shtylman at>:
> I would say that first it should meet basic feature parity with the
> other utility so it can be included in 4.5. Beyond that, any feature
> enhancements can be built once we have _something_ as the official
> touchpad config utility.
> I don't think a large feature list should be a blocker on deciding
> which codebase to start from and bringing that codebase in.

A number of my suggestions were for feature parity, specifically:

>> -Two-finger scrolling on/of (both horizontal and vertical independently)
>> -Corner coasting on/off
>> -Setting various sensitivity parameters (touchpad sensitivity,
>> acceleration, two finger detection, circular scrolling speed, palm
>> detection, coasting speed, tap timing, etc).  These should be sliders.
>> -Change the coasting threshold to a slider

And these are just basic synaptics driver parameters:

>> -Palm detection on/off
>> -Locked drags on/off
>> -"Guest Mouse" (stick) on/off
>> -Rectangular vs circular pad.


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