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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Mar 4 13:11:01 GMT 2010

Hi Sebas,

Jeudi, le 4 mars 2010, à 13:03, Sebastian Kügler a écrit:
> On Wednesday 03 March 2010 19:36:13 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> > So could you please make the move of filelight back to playground
> > youself, as  you are the maintainer? Thanks.
> Really? Filelight has been used for years, distros have been happily
>  shipping it, and none of the things that need fixing looks like a
>  showstopper (especially not given that we've 5 months until the planned
>  release). Wouldn't it be better to merge it now, give it more testing
>  exposure this way, and trust that Martin (who is a proven, very
>  responsible maintainer) or somebody else tackles these issues?
> The biggest problems to me are probably the i18n word puzzles (which won't
>  be translated in the next 3, maybe 4 months anyway and are probably
>  trivial to fix.
> Just a suggestion, whatever the maintainers decide ...

Thanks for the suggestion, but guess, it was already considered before the 
kdeutils coordinator made his decision ;)

The KDE 3 version may have been shipped already, but this port to KDE 4 is 
just not complete. It's not only about word puzzles, but also broken 
functionality (like pressing the Stop button does not stop the scanning).
playground is exactly for that, completing things until they are ready. That 
there is some more time until the next release is also true for making it 
ready in time for a new kdereview process.
Also, sorry to say, not answering to the review discussion in four weeks at 
all is stealing some points from the "proven, very responsible maintainer" for 
me who had no chance by now to learn about Martin's merits. So they have to be 
earned (back) by you, Martin, completing the port in playground ;)
Having your code passed the kdereview process is also game on your mind, 
giving the code the attribute "it's done" and may lower your eagerness to 
finish the issues left. Especially if you have more important stuff to do like 
studies (or Phonon ;).
More exposure to testing by being part of a stable module might only result in 
more bug reports (of already reported bugs in the review done, so there is no 
value), not fixes (we all have enough on our own plates, don't we?).
Rather puts a bad view to the quality of code in the stable modules.
So I like to stick to the rules of kdereview* and not bend them too much, it 
might give a bad example.

If you, Martin, want more help on finishing Filelight, please consider some 
public call for action, e.g. via a blog entry. I would pass some text from you 
on my own blog, if you like.


Thanks for some feedback though, it's good to recheck a negative decision, and 
I was feeling lonely in this thread ;)
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