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Thu Mar 4 03:51:42 GMT 2010

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Review request for kdelibs.


KDynamicJobTracker changes. This way when the plasma's systray notification thing is set to !"show file transfers and jobs", kuiserver will receive the still information and in addition the old regular dialog will be displayed. Way there isn't any change of anything existing, really. And of course, the org.kde.kuiserver interface (xml file and such) is updated properly but I'm feeling lazy and am falling now at asleep my desktop, so that's that.



This merge request is for the changes I have done (on my branch), along with other changes(but those are just waiting for this review).

The branch was for a project that I have done; displaying the job progress on the file/folder icons. It essentially shows the status, as in whether or not there is a job being performed on a certain dest. url, if there is, a download icon will be shown at the corner, with an animation(circles rotating around a focal point), to show that a transfer is happening (download, copy, etc..). 

It should be pretty subtle, but may need some tweaking.

I don't really like the KDirModel::setDisplayJobTransfers(bool), and KFileItemDelegate::setDisplayJobTranfers(bool). They sound terrible imo, and seem to go against Nice API Design, but I use them for lack of a better name. Hopefully you guys have some suggestions?

Naturally those 2 method properties are off by default, the individual apps should turn it on at their discretion. I will probably do that for Dolphin and the Folderview plasmoid.

There was some oddity that I experienced, that seemed like an impossibility (then again, lots of bugs do). It wouldn't stop displaying that a job was happening, but I tracked it down and if anything it would have been the sender (kuiserver)'s issue. But I've tested kuiserver quite rigorously...I'm thinking it is just some problem dealing with the *major* version differences I am running.. *shrug*

I can no longer test this branch with my system, as I run trunk and running this really old checkout side by side...well, that was a pain I am not going to go through again, as apps were crashing so often etc.. and I *still* don't have my plasma's desktop activities back up and running, only 2 system monitors on the desktop :)

Once it's committed to trunk, I should be able to quickly verify and track down any issues...

Diffs (updated)

  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kio/kio/kdynamicjobtracker.cpp 1098269 






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