synaptiks – KDE touchpad management

Sebastian Wiesner basti.wiesner at
Wed Mar 3 17:53:14 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 03 March 2010 16:53:06 Roman Shtylman wrote
> Whatever "base" module is chosen I think that it would be wise to make
> it use "kde" coding conventions...whatever that may mean. 

Well, synaptiks uses C++ exceptions.  I don't know, if that is an issue … 
kdelibs doesn't use exceptions, but on the other hand I didn't find any policy 
on KDE techbase, that advises against using exceptions.

Aside of this, I tried to keep as close as possible to the KDE policies and 
guidelines describe on KDE techbase, concerning code style and conventions, 
API documentation and i18n.

> At some point... someone is gonna have to bite the bullet and probly add the
> missing features on top of the chosen module.

Adding new touchpad configuration settings to synaptiks isn't really difficult 
(see r1096669 for an example).   I just need a list of features, that are 
missing …

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