Re: synaptiks – KDE touchpad management

Roman Shtylman shtylman at
Wed Mar 3 15:53:06 GMT 2010

I think we need to evaluate the features of both modules and create a
list of what we want from a touchpad configuration module. I think
both modules have things we can take from them.

Whatever "base" module is chosen I think that it would be wise to make
it use "kde" coding conventions...whatever that may mean. At some
point... someone is gonna have to bite the bullet and probly add the
missing features on top of the chosen module.

After taking a quick look at the kcm_touchpad code, I don't think it
would be a nightmare to migrate those features over. The daemon part
(and config) of synaptiks seems to be the big keeper from that module
and the  scrolling and other "user tweaks", for lack of a better word,
seem to be the big takeaway from the kcm_touchpad module.

It would make sense to put this on the platter for 4.5 (IMHO)


2010/3/3 Celeste Lyn Paul <celeste at>:
> 2010/3/1 Markus <kamikazow at>:
>> Am Donnerstag 25 Februar 2010 15:00:16 schrieb Martin T. Sandsmark:
>>> I think you jump to conclusions too quickly.
>> Probably. :-p
>> Whatever, touchpad management is a nice addition to KDE SC, so I'm all for it
>> to include synaptiks in SC 4.5.
> Any idea when/who will decide which touchpad configuration UI will be
> included for 4.5? I started a review on the old touchpad kcm until
> someone told me about synaptiks. If synaptiks is going to be included,
> I won't bother reviewing the old touchpad kcm.
> ~ Celeste
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