Git Migration Needs YOU!

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Mar 3 08:53:36 GMT 2010

A Dimecres, 3 de març de 2010, Eike Hein va escriure:
> On 03/03/2010 09:41 AM, Lydia Pintscher wrote:
> > Just for the record: This doesn't work for at least Amarok at the
> > moment either any longer. So in effect there is no way to get emailed
> > about new merge requests at the moment. We're back to checking the
> > website regularly. The whole notification system is definitely a big
> > blocker imho.
> I don't think it's a blocker, considering we currently
> have no merge requests with SVN to begin with and that
> Merge Requests can be disabled. If it's too broken, we
> could always disable it. It would be no regression vs.
> SVN. is like a Merge Request to me.


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