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Chani chanika at
Wed Mar 3 04:07:58 GMT 2010

On March 2, 2010 19:17:56 Germain Garand wrote:
> Le mardi 2 mars 2010, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> > [..] many kde
> > developers are already participating in kde development using svn-git
> > bridging tools.
> It doesn't mean they want more of it though.
> I've been developing kdelibs for 2 years with git-svn and I found this
> combination much better than either git or svn alone (so don't even talk
> about git + some privately owned weird centralizing web site!)
> I have the 'power user' features of git that I need, yet simple things are
> still simple for *everyone*, and there is a unique, undisputed central
> repository to avoid fragmentation.

how do you collaborate in a branch with git-svn?
you'd have to make it an svn branch in the svn repo, with all the pain that 
git-svn is fine for solo work like gsoc, so long as you treat it gently and 
don't try to get fancy. it's not really a long-term solution for a community.

> Moving to (git + http site) means skyrocketing barrier to entry, unhealthy
> dependency relationship with a private company's web site, push for
> everyone to do its own cooking without any regard for the project as a
> whole.

oh not this again...

amarok and konversation have gained contributors faster since switching to 
git: from all their reports it's a much *lower* barrier to entry.

the "private company" is Shortcut AS - aka Johan and some-guy-whose-name-I-
forgot, who were at akademy. if we pay them to host our git stuff we'll have a 
proper contract and the ability to leave at any time - this has been said a 
bazillion times before, the distributed nature of git means we *all* have a 
backup copy of KDE in case a meteor hits their servers or something. and if we 
host a gitorious server ourselves, then the whole thing is moot.

as for everyone doing their own "cooking" ... wtf?!? why do you think this 
thread started? because we want the project as a *whole* to move to git, 
together, and stay together.

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