Git Migration Needs YOU!

Germain Garand germain at
Wed Mar 3 03:17:56 GMT 2010

Le mardi 2 mars 2010, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> [..] many kde
> developers are already participating in kde development using svn-git
> bridging tools.

It doesn't mean they want more of it though.

I've been developing kdelibs for 2 years with git-svn and I found this 
combination much better than either git or svn alone (so don't even talk about 
git + some privately owned weird centralizing web site!)

I have the 'power user' features of git that I need, yet simple things are 
still simple for *everyone*, and there is a unique, undisputed central 
repository to avoid fragmentation.

Moving to (git + http site) means skyrocketing barrier to entry, unhealthy 
dependency relationship with a private company's web site, push for everyone 
to do its own cooking without any regard for the project as a whole.

With a 2 year experience in git-svn, I found I'm still using aspects of svn 
daily such as the nice, natural, recursive nature of svn commands that allow 
easy containment of work inside a subdirectory (try bissecting a change in 
kio/kio/* with git and you'll understand what pain is), I enjoy the simplicity 
of being able to refer to commits by tossing a six figures number between two 
parenthesis in the flow of a mail. I love to be able to grab the latest 
changes just within the subdirectory I'm working in or within a specific file, 
without having to awkwardly 'stash' my changes or use esoteric commands.

Everything in svn is so much easier for the beginner. There is no hard concept 
to grasp, it is straightforward.

Maybe (git + a weird website) can be better for standalone applications.
For a full framework and a set of core libraries of our magnitude, that 
critically needs consistency, integration and new contributors, it doesn't 
look even remotely demonstrable.


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