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Eike Hein hein at
Wed Mar 3 02:38:35 GMT 2010

On 03/03/2010 03:30 AM, Chani wrote:
> hey, wait a second!
> that was very explicitly made as a TEMPORARY solution. in both the long 
> discussions and the wiki we were very clear that it was temporary, and not 
> acceptable as a long-term solution.
> so how the heck did it drop off the list of blockers?
> or should we have removed the review groups when gitorious got that watch-list 
> feature that's apparently still a bit buggy?

The original motivation for setting things up like this
were definitely because it was the only way to accomplish
the mail routing that we wanted on, true. now has this watchable objects system that
technically allows people to opt into or out of getting
notifications from a given project and repository. How-
ever this is currently buggy - even if you're watching
a repos, you don't get email about new merge requests
there. And when this it fixed, it may well be that you
will still only get mails about new merge requests when
you have the 'review' flag for the repository, even when
you're watching it. We don't know yet, so abolishing
those groups right now would be premature. Markey has
talked to Johan about the problem with the mails, IIRC,
I'm not sure about the current status.

Some also voiced the opinion that separating commit and
review rights would be a good idea in general (Ossi for
one, IIRC). I have no strong opinion on that either way.

> ahh. so, they still have to do the enable/diable dance but they don't have to 
> go to a sysadmin for it.


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Eike Hein

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