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Chani chanika at
Wed Mar 3 02:30:20 GMT 2010

> The '<appname>-reviewers' teams were originally created
> to be able to remove the 'review' permission bit from
> kde-developers for all the repositories, because other-
> wise every kde-developers member got email notifications
> about every merge request for every project. So someone
> with no interest in Amarok or Konversation would still
> get MR mail about them. Project-specific reviewers teams
> solve that routing problem. The reviewers teams usually
> have all the core developers from a project as members,
> and are administrated by one or more key developers.

hey, wait a second!
that was very explicitly made as a TEMPORARY solution. in both the long 
discussions and the wiki we were very clear that it was temporary, and not 
acceptable as a long-term solution.

so how the heck did it drop off the list of blockers?

or should we have removed the review groups when gitorious got that watch-list 
feature that's apparently still a bit buggy?

> Now, about tagging. Pushing a tag into a repository re-
> quires being allowed to do a "force push". Force push-
> ing can be enabled/disabled on a per-repository basis
> on by anyone who has the 'admin' permi-
> ssion bit for a repository. As outlined above, this
> currently means every member of the kde-sysadmin team,
> as well as one or more key developers from a given pro-
> ject that have been added individually as developers
> with the 'admin' permission bit.

ahh. so, they still have to do the enable/diable dance but they don't have to 
go to a sysadmin for it.

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