Git Migration Needs YOU!

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Tue Mar 2 20:26:20 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On March 2, 2010, Till Adam wrote:
> > Not to spoil the party here, but for kdepim, we see a few more
> > blockers for a migration to git. Before I explain them, let me
> > make one thing very
> > clear:
> to summarize without going into answering your queries (others are
> better for that than me ;):
> 	you are asking for the move to happen no sooner than 6 weeks from
> now.
> is that correct? if so, can you offer a firm commitment to that time
> frame from the kdepim side? e.g. if there was an April 15th deadline
> (to pick a number out of a hat), the kdepim team could commit to
> that?
> the reason i ask: i'm trying to pin down a firm schedule here,
> something which simply has not been happening to date and which has
> removed our ability to execute. that schedule needs to take
> "everyone" into consideration, it needs to be as accurate as
> possible and it also needs to be as aggressive as it can be.
> also, can you nominate someone from the kdepim community who can act
> as the git migration liaison to offer direction on things like the
> module splitting as well as get communication between kdepim and the
> git miration team flowing as needed?
> (in a more-perfect world, someone from the kdepim community would be
> working on the merge rules for kdepim. :)

Huh? Torgny is a member of the kdepim community.


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