Git Migration Needs YOU!

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Mar 2 15:46:21 GMT 2010

On March 2, 2010, Till Adam wrote:
> Not to spoil the party here, but for kdepim, we see a few more blockers for
> a migration to git. Before I explain them, let me make one thing very
> clear:

to summarize without going into answering your queries (others are better for 
that than me ;):

	you are asking for the move to happen no sooner than 6 weeks from now.

is that correct? if so, can you offer a firm commitment to that time frame 
from the kdepim side? e.g. if there was an April 15th deadline (to pick a 
number out of a hat), the kdepim team could commit to that?

the reason i ask: i'm trying to pin down a firm schedule here, something which 
simply has not been happening to date and which has removed our ability to 
execute. that schedule needs to take "everyone" into consideration, it needs 
to be as accurate as possible and it also needs to be as aggressive as it can 

also, can you nominate someone from the kdepim community who can act as the 
git migration liaison to offer direction on things like the module splitting 
as well as get communication between kdepim and the git miration team flowing 
as needed? 

(in a more-perfect world, someone from the kdepim community would be working 
on the merge rules for kdepim. :)

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