Git Migration Needs YOU!

Tom Albers toma at
Tue Mar 2 16:09:30 GMT 2010

Op Tuesday 2 March 2010 16:37 schreef u:
> while there are certainly those who 
> aren't in favor of a move to git, it's pretty clear there is a good amount of 
> consensus on the matter. 

Really? Does that also include translators? I know they will be using svn, but as time moves on, sooner or later they will have to move too. And then they won't have an option by then, so they need to be involved now too.
> this was discuss at Akademy in the past as well.

After Akademy I poked around and everyone assured me there was no decision taken yet. I'm surprised you refer to that event now.

> to be perfectly frank, this part of the discussion is over. 

Good to know.

> as is the part 
> about how we will split up the main modules (we won't). we're at the point 
> that we need to simply recognize that there's commitment to this and then help 
> each other do it Right(tm).

This all smells a lot like the cvs->svn change. All kinds of promises (cheap branching, we *need* that, right...), while in practice we might have well skipped svn. I suggest we skip git and jump on the next generation revision control system.

In all this discussions, my biggest problem is the complete focus on the technical issues and the complete lack of solutions for the impact of the community it will have. But I've played this record before a couple of times, so I'll stop now.



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