Git Migration Needs YOU!

Chani chanika at
Tue Mar 2 02:22:24 GMT 2010

> > right, that particular conversation is _over_ and there is no point in
> > going over it again. the result MUST be documented on techbase and
> > further bikeshedding simply shutdown.
> Too bad its incomplete and has couple of question-marks. Especially for
> anything outside of the core-modules. For extragear it says "lets figure
> this out later, core modules are more important", for playground
> everybody seems to be saying that the authors should do it themselves.

that's not what it says :P and it's certainly not what I meant by the 
extragear/*/* thing in the table. 
I said "expand this later", and I meant expanding the *'s (think of ls 
extragear/*/* and add a row to the table for each result). I just didn't want 
to do all that tedious typing at the time... :)

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