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Mon Jun 21 17:07:02 BST 2010

Hi Stefan,

On Monday, 2010-06-21, Stefan Majewsky wrote:

> I want to add new classes to libkdegames, but cannot find any policy on
> Techbase describing how the review process is supposed to work.

I don't think there is a policy like that, especially not for "private" module 

My guess is that most module teams just let all of their established members 
make additions (or even changes if dependencies are changed as well) without 
any special review, unless requested so by the committer (e.g. because it is 
not clear whether this is a proper way to do it).

> However, because we're talking about a relatively big chunk of new library
> code, I'm unsure whether there should also be a review via trunk/kdereview.
> If yes, how is that supposed to work? I think it would mean to split the
> new classes into a separate library which is committed into kdereview for
> reviewing. Then I would have to somehow merge the changes from the review
> into my local Git work branch, and dcommit everything back into SVN's
> kdegames module.

You could make a work branch of kdegames and ask the other games developers to 
If you don't get any objections, you merge when trunk is unfrozen again.

Or you wait for the unfreeze and ask whether any of the other games developers 
has objections on committing directly to trunk.

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