Review for library code

Stefan Majewsky kdemailinglists at
Mon Jun 21 16:41:46 BST 2010


I want to add new classes to libkdegames, but cannot find any policy on 
Techbase describing how the review process is supposed to work.

The code currently resides in my local Git-SVN clone of trunk/KDE/kdegames (of 
which a publicly readable clone is available on [1]), and there's a review 
running on ReviewBoard [2], which has been announced on kde-games-devel.

However, because we're talking about a relatively big chunk of new library 
code, I'm unsure whether there should also be a review via trunk/kdereview. If 
yes, how is that supposed to work? I think it would mean to split the new 
classes into a separate library which is committed into kdereview for 
reviewing. Then I would have to somehow merge the changes from the review into 
my local Git work branch, and dcommit everything back into SVN's kdegames 

If only we had fully up and running today...

Stefan (who's off to learning svn2git because he cannot stand that anymore)


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