Oxygen's new window-move feature fatal for KJumpingCube game

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Fri Jun 18 23:57:41 BST 2010

Am Saturday 19 June 2010 schrieb Ian Wadham:
> No.  Although the question is off-topic, it is seriously put and I would
> like to see answers.
Speaking only for myself, I introduced it to Bespin because of the seamless 
client/decoration transition (which Oxygen shares) made it somehow necessary 
to catch clicks on the menu/toolbar and dialogs.

I then extended it to statusbars (mostly to have easy dragging on the other 
end - some sort of "coutertitle") and when Hugo contacted me this April (w/o 
even bothering to reason his move :-) we refined, "fixed" and extended it a 
bit more :-)

Given that the WM/client separation is hard to understand for Joe User anyway 
(i recall my early X11 days here...) and is now even visually absent, this 
feature -aside usability- makes sense and despite being opt-in (in Bespin) I 
got quite some positive feedback on it.

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