Moving the proxy model test suite to kdesupport?

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Wed Jul 28 13:48:53 BST 2010

Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> On 15.07.10 18:58:23, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>> On 15.07.10 18:31:20, Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> > So apart from policy, are there other technical reasons preventing the
>> > installation of this stuff?
>> If you install library+headers it would be nice to also define a cmake
>> variable that people can use. This should be easy enough by producing a
>> cmake KDE4ProxyModelTestConfig.cmake file that sets up an import target
>> pointing to the library and the include-dir. Makes it a lot easier for
>> people using the library, they don't have to write lots of cmake code to
>> find the headers and library.
>> Other than that I can't see any technical problems.
> Oh, just one thing came to my mind: What should packagers do with it? If
> its packaged you'll have to care about BC at least as much as increasing
> the library soversion each time a release of kdelibs including the
> library breaks BC with a former release. If its not packaged than app
> developers will have to fetch kdelibs sources, build them and install
> them alongside their kdelibs packages, then try to link their tests
> against it properly.

Sorry, this thread fell to the bottom of my TODO list.

How about this compromise:


  install(TARGETS proxymodeltestsuite


This way, the library and headers are installed only if cmake is run from 
the kdelibs/kdeui/tests/proxymodeltestsuite directory, not when building 
kdelibs normally and not when building kdelibs with tests enabled. So 
there's no question of whether it should be packaged (it shouldn't be :) ).

cd'ing to there and building is not something that someone would do 
accidentally, but I can instruct people to just check out that directory and 
build it to use it.

I'll post a patch to buildsystem@ for review.

All the best,


> Andreas

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