Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

nuno pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Mon Jul 26 22:28:46 BST 2010

On Monday 26 July 2010 18:53:15 Aaron Peterson wrote:
> >what windows like theme? windows as stooped explicitly using that theme
> >more than 10 years ago. (fair question) can you still turn it on on
> >winvista/win7?
> I found windows XP on to have unusable themes, #1,they waste screen
> space, #2 they have the problems with usability. In windows 7,
> microsoft changed the way to change it, and that was a bit of
> frustration for me, but It's still in the code, and I can still turn
> of their theme service... I can still make it look pretty (win95/98
> was pretty ... XP bluebars and on are uglier than snot)
> Also note, that compatibility is not likely to be a good name for
> it... it doesn't make applications work or not.  Simply have a
> realistic category like: FromQT

yeah but your argument was about making an easy transition from windows no?
and given than microsoft as made significant efforts to make users not see it 
i guess the argument falls a bit, as Joe user as not seen that specific theme 
or windeco in over 10 years.

(BTW i don't think the windows 3.1 style is the worst e have in the batch, and 
even if we would take it out of default aperence land we would not make it as 
hard to find as microsoft does  :) )

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