Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

Martin Gräßlin kde at martin-graesslin.com
Sun Jul 25 20:55:12 BST 2010

On Sunday 25 July 2010 21:40:16 Thomas Lübking wrote:
> > the only kwin theme
that is a bit more expensive is Aurorae but I would
> > really be surprised
if that would be more than negligible.
> From what i can say, Aurorae has
a serious performance problem on
> activating windows here (peaks, then
peaks notably again after a short
> delay), being a pain in the ass with non
"click to focus" models and makes
> it nearby unusable on eg. netbooks
Probably caused by the animation as we have it also in Oxygen with the
slight difference that you cannot disable them in Aurorae without manually
editing a configuration file. Though I have been using an Aurorae theme for
the last month and could not notice any performance problems.
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