Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

Aaron Peterson myusualnickname at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 14:09:38 BST 2010

>> Sticking options in a deeper menu is simple, but dirty.. it makes
>> using the software more difficult,
> So if we had 60 different themes, the best way to present them would still be
> in a flat list? You know how do you lose a needle?

We only have about 5 themes... I see where you are going tho, so put
them categorized.

>> vision problems and slow computers. I personally
>> think that the gradient themes are inelegant.

Not exactly, but nature is cruel and it leaves me unable to tolerate
shading and background images.

> are doing great, but if we want to become meaningful,  our intangible message
> needs to be worked on and that means that it needs to be consistent all over

I don't think this is a consistency issue, however it is an issue as
you have pointed out, that our current method does not work well for
the people who have many themes installed.

Can we start a list of everything that is inconsistant on techbase and
or add a flag to bugzilla?

> the 2% user base to find what they need.

As we grow bigger, that number goes down. 1percent of all users will
be too many to ignore

KDE is already pretty easy to use, trick is to add business features
without breaking everything.

> I care about options 2 just that I think that flat option lists have problems
Yes, you are right, when there are 60 themes, and probably a
significant enough amount.

> and that if most of those options are to 90% users ugly we make a statement
> about ourself's and I don't like that statement.
(Don't think it's anywhere 90percent of people who care about an extra
option being there, )

I will say that I don't know anybody using CDE or Motif, but I do know
a lot of people using MS windows style.

I would not complain if the windows style theme is kept not hidden,
and anything and or everything else is hidden.

(If your target is 2 percent of the.. maybe 15 percent of people who
look at themes, keep windows, it also helps people transfer from

Un flame -- felt like things were getting a bit personal, yes it's
fun, and yes I think we ultimately care about everybody *hugs*

>> Elegance includes a notion of completeness, an ability to do

> No but I can give you my gut feeling on the current situation, and that is,

There are 2 main definitions in the dictionary, I care about the Does,
and it happens to go along with the pretty one most of the time.

> "what a load of crappy undesigned [gives bad impression]
Do we have user data on this, I mean where they are in a realistic
environment using it on a slow computer (because they are too poor to
pay for windows?)

I object to "undesigned" These "themes"  were designed when computing
power and screen space were more limited, and I am trying to get every
ounce of performance out of my old computers.

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