Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

Nuno Pinheiro nuno.pinheiro at kdab.com
Sat Jul 24 18:58:56 BST 2010

A Sábado, 24 de Julho de 2010 17:32:51 Markus Slopianka você escreveu:
> On Saturday 24 July 2010 14:16:13 Martin Sandsmark wrote:
> > it would be neat if they could be hidden a bit, but not
> > hidden permanently.
> I just had an epiphany. ;-)
> We already have a solution for that in place: QtConfig.
> System Settings could hide the old themes but if someone really wants them,
> he/she can use QtConfig to select them.
> We already have the same approach for the Oxygen widget style: Basic config
> in System Settings, advanced config in oxygen-settings.
> Markus
yes this type of solution works for me, it also improves the "experience" Hey 
if i really work at it i can even make kde look like this.... 

so if user gets of his way and searches for new themes he would be presented 
of a couple of good modern looking ones, and theme called the "good all days" 
(change for what ever you prefer)  that gives you all the old themes...
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