Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

Martin Sandsmark sandsmark at samfundet.no
Thu Jul 22 20:18:15 BST 2010

On Thursday 22 July 2010 21:03:50 Thomas Lübking wrote:
> Hugos & Nunos idea apparently _was_ (i was rather joking :) to simply
> blacklist them in kcmshell4 style - ie. "More quality by hiding shit" (tm)
> :-P

Ah, that is, I don't know, hackish? :-P

I think it will upset some people too, very deeply, that the sexiest style of 
them all, the Motif style¹, is unavailable in the sexy style selection GUI.

¹: http://home.samfundet.no/~sandsmark/motif.png

(There seems to be some rendering errors in it, though, and if we haven't 
received any bug reports for those, I think we can say that it probably isn't 

Martin Sandsmark
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