Inclusion of simon in kde-accessibility

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at
Wed Jul 21 08:41:24 BST 2010

first I think it's great that Peter wants to let Simon development happen on 
KDE's infrastructure. Please everybody keep in mind that this is what we 
want: integrate projects into our community, and being on the same 
infrastructure really helps. Getting new people to work on accessibility is 
great since we cannot exactly claim to have too many of those around.

So let's all be pragmatic. I think we can agree that sysadmin is doing a 
great job with the git setup, and they can simply tell Peter when they think 
our git infrastructure is ready. I don't think there is opposition to have 
Simon in our repos then (extragear for sure, we can still see about the main 
module). Moving from git to svn and back won't work (even if it's 
technically possible somehow), and there is no point in debating that in my 

Now Peter asked if the review could start already. I'm not sure about that. 
Hasn't this happened before, that someone put a note where to find the to-
be-reviewed app into kdereview instead of cloning the sources? If I recall 
correctly for rekonq the situation was/is similar.
So would this be acceptable in this special situation?
I know we have our rules. On the other hand, sometimes we need to 
accommodate reality ;)


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