NetAccess::statInternal and showing job progress

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Wed Jul 21 05:45:51 BST 2010

Martin Sandsmark wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 July 2010 15:18:23 David Faure wrote:
> > I object. This is very useful for slow (or even hanging) connections.
> > It is not useful for fast connections, but the fix for that is to only
> > show notifications for jobs that last more than 0.5 second. This is what
> > the "old" dialog-based notifications did (*), and the bug here is that
> > the plasma notifications don't do that. They should delay the addition
> > of jobs by 0.5 second and forget about them if they were completed
> > meanwhile.
> I thought that was fixed (I remember complaining to notmart about it in
> #kde- cafe many moons ago, and he telling me something to that effect, at
> least).
> My biggest problem, however, is that it "remembers" all jobs, I really
> wouldn't mind if it automatically removed statjobs when they were finished
> (transfers are nice to have, though).

There are probably other places that could benefit from that. For example the 
notification that kupdateupplet requested root powers: the password dialog was 
already in the middle of my screen, on top. So the notification immediately 
disappeared again. But still hangs around in the log. I would like to get rid 
of that (e.g. by a filter that hides certain things from the log).

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